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Circular Fashion Show Runway Rental - Long Island

Runway Rentals Ideas

Runway Rentals Ideas

Sometimes you need to go above and beyond anything that anyone else has done. This circular fashion show runway rental will certainly make an impression on the people that view your models, as the show your clothing designs to the audience. This was modeled for a Long Island establishment.

Runway Rentals Ideas Loop

Front View of a Circular Runway With Deco Walls

Any Long Island fashion designer would be lucky to use this fashion show stage to display their clothing line. The decor walls will take the place of pipe and drape.

Runway Rentals Ideas Circular

Front View of a Circular Runway With Deco Walls

The elevation of the light up fashion show stage is 8 inches high. The trend that the fashion shows are using is a small elevation like that. The circular shape of the catwalk will be good for extra viewing time.

Runway Rentals Ideas Circle

Front View of a Circular Runway With Deco Walls

This view lets you see the full catwalk pattern. This set up will let the catwalk models maintain a single direction of movement down the fashion show stage floor.

Fashion Show Runway Ideas - Circular Runway - Long Island

Testimonial Quotation

This design for a circular fashion show runway is actually more of a square. It allows for the models to showcase the clothing designs to a wide audience, by traversing a long catwalk. This design was inspired by a quotation for a fashion designer in Long Island.

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